Sonic Meditations are written or spoken instructions that anyone can do to explore listening. Sonic Meditations are intended for group work over a long period of time with regular meetings. Any persons who are willing to commit themselves can participate.  


Sonic Meditations were developed by Pauline Oliveros as an essential component and tool of the practice of Deep Listening that she initiated. They focus attention and experience towards various aspects of how listening and perceiving in a concentrated manner can reveal many things that are present, but that we do not give attention to.


Sonic Meditations are used in BKDN BKDN workshops and camps to explore our relationships to the world through a focus on the ecological entanglements that define our existence.

Sonic Meditation: What Does Post-Fossil Fuel Illinois Sound Like?

Sonic Meditation - Deep Listening intensive lead by Ximena Alarcon

Sonic Meditations, by 10 Deep Listeners, published by Half Letter Press, 2017