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Our current sense of self is no more sustainable than our current use of energy or technology. —Derrick Jensen

How do we individually and collectively de-industrialize our sense of self and place?

Breakdown Break Down is a long term effort to organize cultural workers, artists, activists, and those interested in surviving climate breakdown, to de-industrialize our sense of self and produce the civil society that will help us endure ecological collapse.

The global culture that made oil use all pervasive in our lives has stripped us of much more than functioning eco systems, glorious biodiversity and the hope of surviving the next 100,000 years of the sweltering impact of our arrogance. Our human potentials, capacities, complexities, our wild potentials have equally been dulled and stripped from us leaving us as sick as the landscapes we inhabit.

We are interested in asking questions that are not being asked about what has been lost with climate breakdown. We work to take apart the dominant culture and ideology that is generated by the consumption of oil and the resulting breakdown of our climate. We are cultural workers who are struggling for a post-oil aesthetics and ontology.

Upcoming Camps

There are several gatherings in the planning stages for the summer of 2017. There will be a camp at Pachamanka in rural Illinois. There will be shorter workshop events in Glasgow and Chicago.

Previous Camps

Check the links above for images and information about the previous camps and workshops.


The newsletter is to keep those interested informed about camps, workshops, publications, and other things related to Breakdown Break Down.


Breakdown Break Down Press supports and distributes long essays in book form that advocate for the kinds of activities and thinking we believe will help us survive climate breakdown and re-wild ourselves and our landscapes.

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